Cash4Crash was developed because we know that accident injury victims often need financial and medical assistance as soon as possible to prevent further injury and long-term issues. We’ve seen it with our own families and friends and, as a result, we have spent time and effort to put together a program that works for personal injury accident victims in a positive way. Cash4Crash is located in Orlando, and serves all of Florida including Clearwater, Deltona, Kissimmee, Lakeland, Sanford, St. Petersburg and Tampa.

What Do We Do?

about cash 4 crashWe are looking to provide pre-settlement funding to people who expect to receive a future settlement from personal injury and other lawsuits. Pre-settlement funding is not only help with medical bills, it can also assist with regular bills, mortgage, and other living expenses. Many personal injury cases (especially high-profile ones) can take a long time to complete, leaving injury victims without many financial options.

Why is Pre-Settlement Funding Necessary?

In the past, those with a personal injury lawsuit case had no way to get the financial assistance needed while the case was pending. Banks do not offer this kind of assistance, in part because even though a settlement is likely, it is not guaranteed. This leaves the family of accident victims in financial situations that can be difficult to work through, including making difficult choices regarding their treatment and care.

Contact Us Today

Cash4Crash is here to help those who expect a settlement but need cash today. Use our short application form so we can quickly evaluate your case and contact you with funding options. We want to give you the necessary resources so that you can get back to your life quickly and without a financial burden while you wait for a settlement. Cash4Crash can get you approved quickly and get you that money quickly, when you need it, before your court case even completes. If you don’t win your case, you won’t owe us anything. We want to be sure you get the care you need above everything else.

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