Cash4Crash offers pre-settlement funding to accident clients waiting for settlement money in Orlando, Jacksonville and Tampa, FL. You may be wondering what pre-settlement funding is, and why it’s important for people who have personal injury or auto accident lawsuits pending. Let’s look at the concept-

Why Does Pre Settlement Funding Matter?

money from car accidentsWe all know that personal injuries can happen in a “blink of an eye”. Whether you have been hurt at work, or you have been in a car accident, an accident is not something you plan on. Many times, the injuries that you sustain in accidents can be severe and cause financial stress. The resulting medical bills may not be immediately covered by your insurance, or the insurance of the other party involved.

The problem is, you may have to pay for some of those bills ahead of time. Also, you may be out of work due to injuries. Banks are not going to give you a loan that “may” be paid back when your case is completed. This is where Cash4Crash can help provide funding based on an anticipated settlement, like a pre settlement cash advance. By providing our clients with risk free financial assistance, it not only means that they going to get the medical care that they need, but they will be able to prevent a financial burden that would add to the stress and difficulty during the healing process.

Pre-settlement Funding means that the injured can get what they need before the conclusion of their case, and it can also provide much needed peace of mind.  Clients don’t feel like they must rush back to “normal life” during injury recovery time. This can help with well-being and prevent clients from taking physical risks that may hinder or stop the healing process.

Learn More About Cash4Crash

Are you in need of pre-settlement funding for your personal injury or auto accident case? If so, then contact Cash4Crash as soon as possible. We can quickly evaluate your situation and present you with financial options depending on the case. We’ll get you through the approval process quickly so that you can get financial assistance now instead of waiting for your court case to complete. Cash4Crash is located in Orlando, and serves all of Florida including Clearwater, Deltona, Kissimmee, Lakeland, Sanford, St. Petersburg and Tampa.

What is Pre-Settlement Funding?

The funding that you can get from an entity (whether it’s an insurance agency, an individual, or a company) as a result of a personal injury claim is often delayed by the processes of the court system that you have to deal with during a personal injury case. Pre-settlement funding is an option for people that are likely going to go through longer cases but need financial assistance to deal with medical bills and other expenses that may have accrued. This assistance is provided by an outside company, like ours.

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