Jacksonville Pre-Settlement Funding

Jacksonville Pre-Settlement Funding

There’s almost nothing worse than being injured in an accident or workplace, filing an insurance claim, and discovering that monetary relief is still months or even years away.

Here at Cash4Crash, we understand the mental and emotional anguish you’re going through and the stresses you face, and we want to help.

Pre-Settlement Funding in and near Jacksonville

Insurance settlements are often not straight-forward affairs – especially when it concerns personal injury. Insurance companies take their time to examine each claim to try to shift blame to other parties, and, if there is no other party to blame, they will often offer a settlement that is far less than what is expected.

Because of this, settlements commonly go through legal battles as attorneys, yours and theirs, negotiate and file paperwork, both trying to force each other to accept an offer that neither believes is fair. It’s a long, arduous process, during which time you are still without the money you need to help pay for medical care and other living expenses.

The good news is that there are options available to you to help you get back on financial track.

Lawsuit Advance

Instead of applying for a loan, you can come to us for a pre-settlement advance. Rather than lending you money, Cash4Crash provides you with the money you need knowing that your day in court will eventually come.

When you contact us, you will talk with one of our financial experts. Our team specializes in situations just like yours, and we know how to help you keep your head above water. Our approval process is quick, does not require a credit check, and the money is yours to keep.

Finally – you can stop worrying about paying your bills or making loan payments and focus on your recovery.

Jacksonville and Beyond

We service Jacksonville and these surrounding areas:

  • Augustine
  • Orange Park
  • Amelia Island
  • Jacksonville Beach
  • Ponte Vedra Beach

The last thing you should have to worry about when you’ve been injured is how you’re going to pay for mounting medical costs. When you’re in an accident you need the money now, not months or years in the future.

A pre-settlement advance from Cash4Crash is just what you need to ensure a swift recovery, physically and financially. Call us today at (407) 906-3833. We are ready to help.

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