Lawsuit Settlement Cash Advance

Lawsuit Settlement Cash Advance

You may have been in a car accident because of another driver’s carelessness. Maybe you were involved in a no-fault collision covered by your insurance company. Or possibly, workplace negligence has caused you to be injured.

Regardless of the type of accident, you have been injured, and it was not due to any fault of your own. You most likely have already filed suit, or at the very least have filed a claim with the insurance company and are expecting to receive a settlement to cover the damages. But keep in mind that the responsible parties will most likely have the settlement proceedings tied up in court for many months ahead.

You may be out of work since the incident, and for months, or even years, to come, and your bills are quickly piling up. If you’ve considered getting a bank loan using the settlement as collateral to cover your expenses until your insurance check arrives it’s probably become apparent that the banks don’t want to lend you money based on assets (money) that you should be receiving sometime in the future.

In an Accident, What now?

Your best option is to secure an advance on your settlement, like a lawsuit cash advance. A settlement advance is a payment by a third party, such as Cash4Crash, based on the projected payout of the settlement. It’s a tool to help people in situations just like yours to make sure that medical bills, household bills, repairs, and other expenses are paid while your settlement is pending payment.

A pre-settlement cash advance is not a bank loan – It’s better. With an advance like this, there’s no need to worry about your credit history, you don’t need to prove employment or income, and there is no interest rate. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about making loan payments.

Here at Cash4Crash, we can help you get the money you need, right when you need it most. We do not give you a loan. Instead, we give you an advance on your projected settlement so you can get the medical care you need and are able to get your life back on track. We’ll examine your potential settlement and provide you with an advance on the lawsuit settlement to which you are entitled.

Banks charge high interest rates on personal loans and expect you to start repaying the loan as soon as they lend you the money. This can surely put your credit in jeopardy and can make your financial situation seem worse than before you got into this situation to begin with.

Cash4Crash gives you an advance on your settlement, providing you with the money you need up front so you can forget all of the stress that comes along with a pending court case and be rest assured knowing your bills are covered long before receiving your settlement.

Our financial experts will assess your situation and help you determine how much money you’ll need to cover your expenses until your case is settled. We’ll present options to you so that you can choose a plan that works best for your lifestyle. After the quick approval process, you’ll receive the cash advance so you don’t have to worry about draining your savings account or ruining your credit by simply trying to stay financially afloat.

If you’re waiting on a settlement that’s been tied up in the system for months, a pre-settlement advance is right for you. Cash4Crash is a trusted pre-settlement firm with the tools and expertise needed to help you get you the money you need, and help you put a system in place to pay off your accident-related dept.

You need a firm that knows what you’re going through and how to make things right. You need Cash4Crash.  Give us a call today. Relief is just a phone call away.

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